1. Where are the courses and trainings conducted?

I conduct courses and trainings in Lublewo Gdańskie in Czapla Shooting Range, Wojska Polskiego street.

2. What is the cost of course/training?

The cost is determined individually, it depends on the type of activities and the amount of ammunition used. Usually it is PLN 100 per hour plus the cost of ammunition (per person), classes last min. 2 hours.

3. Is shooting safe?

We shoot with real weapons, live ammunition, however, while complying with the shooting range regulations, in accordance with my instructions and common sense, the risk of injury is minimal; I will suggest a light sports warm-up to everyone before shooting; I have a first aid kit with me, which I introduce to each student during the first class.

4. Will I receive hearing and eye protection?

Yes, I provide students with certified ballistic glasses and headphones; you may use your personal protective equipment if you wish, however at your own risk.

5. Can we shoot at different items? Cartons, cans, bottles, watermelons?

We can shoot paper targets and metal targets specially constructed for this purpose. In class, we can fool around by shooting, for example, cans, but then you have to clean up after yourself.

6. Can I take photos of my / my ex or photos of hated politicians / actors / athletes / family members and use them as targets?

No, I cannot agree to that; I choose the type of paper and metal targets in terms of the type of training.

7. Can I take bystanders, observers, photographer / videographer with me?

Yes; these persons are not allowed to shoot and must obey the shooting range regulations and my instructions; I have a limited number of hearing and eye protectors, please contact me in advance to determine how many people you can take with you. These people do not pay for classes if they do not shoot.

8. Can we meet and just shoot for fun? I am not interested in any course, I would like to live a bit and have fun.

Sure, contact me, we'll arrange the details!

9. Do you organize company meetings, events?

Sure, feel free to contact me. Nothing builds ties with the company like having fun at a shooting range. I can also organize a mini competition for you!

If you have additional questions or you are interested in an individual offer